Review: John Frieda Precision Foaming Hair Color

I decided to use a coupon I had to try the new John Freida Precision Foaming Hair Color.  A handful of my Facebook friends wanted to know what I thought about it, so I thought I would share my review here as well.

I love the foaming application. It was light and easy to use and didn't drip or get too messy. I love being able to really work it into my hair because I like when my hair is over saturated. It did not have an overly chemical smell and you still leave it in thirty minutes.

The rinsing of the color was very quick, a lot quicker than other colors I have used. I guess because the foam is so much lighter and not as thick in the hair. The color turned out nice, but it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be via the box. It was supposed to be a dark auburn. Other dark auburns I have used have been a brighter reddish color, but this one looks more black cherry-like. It is really dark brown, with red tint to it. And on my almost black hair, it doesn't make as much of a difference as I wanted it to. That said, it is still a nice color.

For the more expensive price tag ($11.99), I don't think I would necessarily get this again unless I had another coupon. I don't really think there is anything so amazing about it to have to pay that much more.

My favorite brand is still L'oreal Excellence Creme because it is a thicker, no-drip formula and comes with a comb attachment for the bottle, which I think works a lot better than the single nozzle. My local Wal-Mart doesn't carry the color I want in that brand, so I have been trying others...but I may just have to look at every store to see if any of them carry the particular color I want!

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