Our Christmas Tree

I was really inspired by Ashley's post over at Domestic Fashionista, where she talked about how her Christmas tree tells the story of her and her husband's life together.

Every year that my husband and I have been together (including the dating years), we have made a new ornament together each year.  It is always a picture ornament and continues to be a fun tradition for us to design our ornament and figure out how to make it.

 2005's ornament was a little rough around the edges.  Using an iron-on on felt wasn't the smartest idea because the picture is all mottled-looking.

 2006 was the year we got engaged, hence the obvious bling.

In Fall of 2007, we went to Georgia to attend my sister's wedding.  I was a bridesmaid in a lovely persimmon-colored dress.

2008 is when we got married.

Okay, 2009 was a lazy year.  I was way behind on things and had no idea what to do for an ornament.  I found this cute guy at the store and added the date and rhinestones to him.

 Not our first Christmas card picture with the furkids, but the first time incorporating our card picture into an ornament.

I'll definitely share 2011's ornament when I get it made.  :-)

This ornament is from 1986.  I've always enjoyed arts and crafts.  This picture is of me and my little brother.

I bought this Froggy Bride in 2006 after we got engaged.

This cute Hawaiian girl was purchased during our honeymoon in Maui.  Our hotel had a small handmade crafts bazaar in the lobby during our stay.

  My friend Norm made this for me a couple years ago.  We are huge NKOTB fans and have spent the last few years attending many shows together.

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