Long time, no see!

Hello, everyone!

I know it has been a while since I last posted.  I hope all of you are doing great.  I have been so busy and not very inspired lately, hence no blog posts.

My husband came down with a cold right before Thanksgiving.  Then we had all the Turkey Day madness, and as soon as Mr. Diva got better, I got sick.  I was down and out for about a week and half.  And right in the middle of that, Mr. Diva had to go to the ER late one night with stomach pain.  It turns out he had a hernia and needed to get surgery.

So he was out of work for a week, had the surgery done this past Monday, and will be at home recovering for at least another week.  He is doing well and recovering nicely so far, so we are feeling good about that.

We also had good news from my father-in-law.  The hospital found a match for him for stem cell donation!  His leukemia hasn't grown substantially, so he goes back into the hospital on Thursday for his fourth round of chemo.  The stem cell transplant will begin Monday.  Other than the leukemia, he is in excellent health and we all have a positive outlook on the transplant and outcome.

So, that has been my last month.  I still have many craft projects to work on for Christmas gifts.  I am hoping I can get those done pretty soon.  I'm looking forward to doing some Christmas and craft related posts in the next week or so.  I have taken SO many pictures for the blog; I just need to get them uploaded.

Take care, dahlings!

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  1. can't wait!
    come baccckkkkkk