Review: Stretch Canvas

Mr. Diva and I finally had enough canvases and time to get some pictures up in our bedroom recently.  We ordered 8x10 stretched canvas pictures from ArtsCow over the last year or so. (I only order them when they are on special sale with free shipping.  They ship from Hong Kong and shipping can be crazy expensive if you don't do the free shipping deal.)

I wanted to show you what the canvases look like because ArtsCow is having another stretched canvas deal through December 31st.  You can visit their Facebook page to get other deal news.  I have custom photo cosmetic bags, coin purses, eyeglass cleaning cloths, and more from them.  They have all turned out really good.  I've been very pleased with everything I have ordered.

Right now they are offering 4x4 all the way up to 12x16 stretched canvas prints from $7.00 to $16.00.  You can see photos of the cosmetic bags and coin purses here.

PS - I am not being paid to tell you about the site or their products.

Here are our canvases on the bedroom wall.  I have ordered more from ArtsCow previously.  I have some of my dogs, a couple canvas concert photos, one from my sister's wedding, etc.

And close-ups, so you can see better:

Happy designing your canvas!!

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