P.S.A: Do NOT Purchase from BlissConnection.com!

PSA: Buyer Beware - Do not shop at BlissConnection.com, Curvy Girl Lingerie, Curvy Girl Inc.

Part of being a blogger is trying out products, testing out samples, experimenting with personal style, and then letting you know what I think about it.  I like to be thorough.  I like to answer your questions.  I like to hear about your own experiences with similar items, and what you think about these things I share with you that I typically love.  It is very important to me to be completely honest and open with you.  I have a great track record for my item recommendations.  I hear back from a lot of you that really love whatever it is you bought because I was talking about it here on the blog.  That's important to me, and it means I have a platform to share things with you.

That also means I have a duty to you to share things that aren't so stellar.  Today's short post is to warn you about a company you shouldn't trust, and to encourage you not to do business with them.
Please continue reading for my experience with Bliss Connection (also known as Curvy Girl Lingerie & Curvy Girl Inc.).

If you've heard of or purchased from Bliss Connection, it was probably through Curvy Girl Lingerie.  From the information I could gather online, Chrystal Bougon used to own the company which had a store in San Jose for a time.  At some point, she no longer was head of the company but still works for them in promoting products and writing a blog for their website.

I purchased from the company years ago with no issue.  I've been following Curvy Girl Lingerie on Facebook, which is where I see information about the latest lingerie styles and products.  So when I chose to make an order recently, I didn't question whether I could trust the company or not because I had no issue with previous orders.  I made an order on September 19th for a total of $56.92.  The money was charged to my card that day.  After a couple of weeks with no shipping confirmation, I went to the website and sent an email to customer service asking about when I could expect my package.  Only, it turns out that the email on the website doesn't exist.  I received error messages saying my email couldn't go through because the address in question was not there.

Naturally, this was frustrating.  So I emailed the customer service address on Curvy Girl Lingerie's Facebook page, as well as the couple other email addresses I could find in connection with the website, including a different email address in the order confirmation email.  After a month of not hearing back, I decided to private message the company via Facebook, but they don't allow for private messages on BlissConnection.com's Facebook page or Curvy Girl Lingerie.  So I went to Twitter.

Over on Twitter, they don't allow private messages either, so I tagged them in a message and asked if there was a way to get in touch about an order I made and still hadn't received.  I explained that I had already emailed three different email addresses with no reply.  In the following month, I believe I sent two more emails, none of which were answered.  So now two months since my order, I went back to Twitter to message them again and saw that I have been blocked!

PSA: Buyer Beware - Do not shop at BlissConnection.com, Curvy Girl Lingerie, Curvy Girl Inc.

This is unacceptable.  And now I am letting you know that this company does not deserve your patronage.  Do not purchase anything from them.  Do not trust them with your money.  I am not the only one whom has had this issue with them.  You can check out all the complaints on the Better Business Bureau pages for Bliss Connection and Curvy Girl Lingerie.

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