Holiday Wishlisting

Hey, y'all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

As Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) are fast approaching, I have been doing a lot of strolling through some of my favorite online stores to plan out a wishlist for my husband and to also plan out my Black Friday attack.  I don't physically go out shopping for the post-holiday sales, oh no!  I don't possess the patience for that.  I much prefer meandering through the interwebs and snatching up deals or items from the comfort of my own home.  It has become a fun little tradition for Sean and I.

As I build up my lists, I thought I would show you some of the things I am adding.  Throughout the holiday season, I can bring you some fun little lists of items I can't wait to own!  These will cover an assortment of brands and types: fashion, beauty products, home items, etc.  For today, I offer a more girly fashion and beauty collection.

Holiday Wishlist 2014 Part One

So let me give you a rundown on my choices:

- A few of the items are from plus-size retailer Roaman's.  I am all about the easy separates; that dress will transition to spring and summer nicely.  I realized this weekend that I only have one actual long-sleeved shirt, excluding cardigans, so I am also trying to be mindful about adding some warmer pieces that I can mix and match.  It is COLD here!  While browsing the site, I came across some Roaman's coupons (here) and I also found some Woman Within coupons (their sister-site)! Who doesn't want to save a dime or two this time of year?

- The purple booties are practical but in a great color other than black (also from Roaman's. They have a great selection of really cute shoes and various width sizes as well.) and could go with a lot of my current wardrobe.  While the Crocs aren't the most fashionable thing, they look sturdy and practical.  As you might know, it rains in Washington State a LOT and I do not own rain boots.

- For accessories I added this fun scarf and studded bag from Charming Charlie.  On my recent vacation to Las Vegas, I hit up a Charming Charlie for the first time (and it was WONDERFUL!).  I have since found out there are actually a few stores a half hour or so from my house, so I will be going back.  The necklace is from Choies, which Cora from Vintage or Tacky is always talking about.  I love the big, funky gemstones.

- I am such a beauty product and makeup junkie!  I own about six pigments from Makeup Geek already.  These gel liners get great reviews and can be sold out for a while.  The color I chose, Rave, is a sparkling copper brown when swatched.

- I own the BareMinerals 5 in 1 shadow in a color called Divine Wine that I received in a Birchbox or Ipsy bag.  It is a darker, muted brown that can be worn alone or as a base color.  I think Blushing Pink would be a great brighter neutral shade for the same purpose.  They are very matte and don't crease at all.

- Hot Tools makes fabulous curling irons!  I own a pink-handled version of this one in a one-inch barrel.  My hair is getting a little longer, so I think a 1.25 inch barrel is going to be great.  It doesn't seem like a big difference, but my hairstylist uses the bigger one and the curls are noticeably different than my one inch.  They lay different around my head - all in a good way.

So there you have it, a fun little wishlist just in time for the holidays to really get started.  Let me know if you own any of the items and give me your thoughts!  What things are on your wishlist? 


  1. YAY CROCS *sniff* I'm so proud.


    Most of the stuff on my wishlist is dumb. I have like 3 pairs of Dansko mary janes on it, and some scarves with art prints; the Complete Far Side book set; a new set of pots & pans (I bought a ceramic-lined frying pan I really like and they have a whole matching set); some more of the silverware I like; and a bunch of other random books, movies, music, and games. I would also really love a Cle de Peau lipstick because it's fancy, and some more Fresh Sugar lip balms since it's the only lip moisturizer I can stand.

    Finally, the real thing on my wishlist is a new car. Mine's not really broken, but I've had it for 12 years and I'm tired of it. However, I don't want it bad enough to make a car payment every month. Yet.

  2. I like the cardigan more in this outfit than I did in your other pics. Seeing it in action makes a big difference (doesn't it always? lol). I bet it will be super-cute with burgundy, too.

    The thing I was fencing about was a flowy black sweater vest from Old Navy...and I wear it all the time. It's great with dresses that probably need a belt but I don't want to wear one gives some definition to the outfit but it's still comfortable. As a bonus, it totally covers midsection rolls, thus eliminating any perceived need for shapewear.

    I also was on the fence about the first "swing dress" I ordered from ASOS curve, and now I own like 6 of them. They might not "create an hourglass," but fuck it, I'm not an hourglass, and pretending is uncomfortable. They're great for summer because they don't touch you, really, and therefore, you don't get hot. (However, here in the midwestern wind tunnel, bike shorts are advisable. Q. Why is Oklahoma so windy? A. Because Kansas blows and Texas sucks.)

  3. Ooh wee, that is quite the list! Good pots and pans makes ALL the difference. I love the set we got with wedding money and it totally makes cooking and cleaning them so much easier. Totally get the car thing too. We are happy not to make payments on the car we have, even it isn't exactly what we would have chosen.

    I knew you would like the Crocs thing. I just think it would be good to have some rain boots here and those were the best thing for the cheapest price in my size that I didn't have to worry about my calves fitting into. lol

  4. hahaha Nice joke. So true. I still need to try a swing dress. I think they are super cute and look so comfy. I am getting use out of my LB moto vest. Did you get that one too? While I sometimes look like a big biker woman in photos, I think it looks super cute in person. lol

    I definitely think this cardigan needed the good lighting and proper styling. I think my other photos just didn't show it well. I got a ton of compliments and Plus Model Magazine re-posted it on Instagram and people were spazzing about getting one. That was a bit unexpected, but cool. It really is fun. I can't wait to wear it again. It would definitely be great with burgundy. I saw a burgundy fit and flare on Kohl's yesterday that would be cute with it.

  5. If you really just want rain boots, go to Walmart and buy the plain black men's ones. They're pretty roomy in the calf, or you can fold them down so they hit lower. They have a lot better tread than the women's "cute" ones do.

    We have some good pans and some shitty pans. This is what happens when you just cohabitate, hehe. We did at least throw away a couple of the peeling teflon ones (even though one of them was the perfect size with a straining lid).

    I really need to stop with the black mary janes, but I just can't. I bought a pair of Fluevogs on Amazon HALF PRICE but holy shit were they not even close to the size they said they were. I could barely get the 11's on my feet...and I'm usually a 10. They didn't have 11.5s on sale in black. DAMMIT. I'm watching, because they're $309 on the Fluevog site and while I can justify $150 for shoes I have a hard time doubling that. They're just delicious though:

    And they're really well-made in person, with nice arch support and cushy soles and the heels aren't too high. *sigh*

  6. hahah Well, I am a pack rat so we just started throwing away rusty/peeling things we don't use anymore. Sean had no dishes and I had shit my mom gave me when I moved out, so it has been nice to upgrade things and get better quality things and get rid of a lot of the old stuff.

    Those shoes are CUTE! I like the extra criss cross straps and I am personally partial to the blue pair. So cute! I will check out those Wally World boots too and see how they work. I never thought about checking there. Thanks!

  7. We'll be doing more Black Friday shopping "out" this year than we've done in years. We're planning on hitting Anthropologie, Sephora, Williams-Sonoma, and a few local boutiques. But, like you, the majority will be done online.

    I've heard of Roaman's but have never shopped with them. I'll have to check them out. I guess I've always had the perception of them that others seem to have of Catherines. Now I'm a Catherines super-fan! I suppose I should get over my misconceptions of Roaman's and see what they have to offer! They might surprise me!

    I really love that necklace! And I'm so pleased you recently discovered Charming Charlie. I discovered them when we moved to Nashville. I should probably add CC to our Black Friday shopping list. It's in the same mall we're hitting up.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! And good luck with your bargain shopping on Black Friday! Can't wait to hear about what you find!

    <3 Liz

  8. I agree with Emme - this sweater was a must-do!

    The color palette is a bit different for you. But you wear color and print so confidently that it works effortlessly. I absolutely love the sherbet orange. It's a fun, surprising color against the deep grays and maroon.

    This sweater shape is one of my fall and winter favorites. I have waterfall cardigans in so many colors, but most of mine a lightweight, cotton knits. I'd love to try a weightier sweater knit.

    I had a long courtship with a black and tan striped dress. It was not love at first sight. But it was on super sale, it was comfy, and I figured I could wear it around the house. It's become one of my most worn pieces. It has an elasticized waist with a black sash and a blousy top. I wear it as-is in the spring in summer because it's a lightweight, throw-on-and-go piece. It's perfect for sweltering summer temperatures. I also wear it as a swimsuit cover-up, as an outfit for long car rides, and as a dress for household chores and running casual errands. In colder months, I wear it with tights, boots, jackets, and scarves. It took me awhile to come around to it, but it's become a piece I wear again and again. It's not a favorite. I'm not in love with it. But it's a practical workhorse, and I could stand to have a few more of those.

    <3 Liz

  9. Ah, I LOVE that bag & necklace from CC. I have several things from their on my wish list too. I too have a curling iron on my list because they cheapy one I have sounds like it is actually going to fall apart when I use it. And I curl my hair almost every day. My other requests are items for my master bedroom redesign that I am working on.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


    1. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!! A good curling iron makes such a difference!! I am sold on these Hot Tools ones. I have been curling my hair almost every day now and I wish I had a quality curling iron as a teenager. LOL.
      Good luck on the bedroom redesign! I look forward to working on ours in the future :-) it needs paint if nothing else.

  10. Gotta love a practical workhorse! I tend to shop way more practical, but sometimes you just have to splurge on standout pieces. I am so glad I bought this cardigan. It is definitely a different color palette for me. I think the grays make it cooler toned, but the color combo and the fact I owned nothing like it were things that really drew me to it. I love the orange in there! I think it is enough warmth that it foes with my coloring too. It makes it work somehow.
    I'm excited to find a few more cardigans like it and to wear this one with different colors.

  11. I feel like a lot of Roaman's pieces are what you think they might be, but I can usually find some separates and a few hidden gems. They have some good basics too that are worth checking out. I love how cute their shoes are as well and the fact they have larger sizes and various widths.

    How did Black Friday shopping go? I think I was pretty much done with everything by 9:30 Thanksgiving Day. Ulta's stuff went up at 6pm a little after we arrived at our friends' house and the Sephora stuff was up at 9pm our time. I also bought the striped Kiyonna top I have been wanting since June just in time. I can't wait to hit up Charming Charlie locally. I told Sean whatever day we go out, I have to go to Maurice's and Catherine's too to try stuff on!