What I Didn't Wear: Karen Kane A-Line Dress


Life made me take an impromptu break from blogging last week.  I have just been super, duper busy (with fun things!) and have had to rest and regroup and clean.  All the goings on have been rather exciting and, considering I was stuck in a plastic covered room just two months ago, I have been very grateful for all the happenings, gatherings, and parties.  I do have a lot of fun things to show you though, so I kinda need to get on that!

Easing back into this week, I thought I would post another in my What I Didn't Wear series where I show you things that don't work on me.  It has been a while since I did one of these posts, so I want to share my reasons again:

Not everything fits or fits well.  Not every brand or style of clothing will work for your body, make you feel awesome, or be what you want it to be.  Not every size is made to the same measurements across the board.  Showing you what I didn't wear gives you an idea of how an item is cut or made and gives you another idea of how it might (or might not) work for you.

This is not intended to be negative about my body or anyone else's body.  It isn't about putting down a brand or talking smack, but to give you an honest look at how things fit that wouldn't normally make it into a blog post.  You can read my two previous posts in the series here and here.

What I Didn't Wear: Karen Kane A-Line Dress

I love trying new brands and new styles, even if they don't quite work.  This Karen Kane dress has great potential, it just didn't work for me.  My main issue was that it was just too clingy in spots I didn't want it to cling.  Even though my Spanx would have smoothed me out and possibly made the dress fit me more to my liking, I didn't feel like stuffing myself into my shapewear.  Two or three more inches of room in the hips, and I would totally be wearing it!

What I Didn't Wear: Karen Kane A-Line Dress

The great things about this dress outweigh the problems.  I LOVE how soft the fabric is.  It seems like a thinner, stretchy sweater-like material - movable and breathable - but is so fantastically soft that I just kept petting the fabric.  I don't think it is intended to be a high/low dress, but it hung that way on me and I liked it!  The bust fit perfect, the sleeves were comfortable, and my butt looked awesome in it. 

What I Didn't Wear: Karen Kane A-Line Dress

Overall, it is a very comfortable dress that can be worn in multiple seasons.  It is so comfortable you could sleep in it like jammies. But I think the silhouette is more suited to inverted triangle and maybe diamond shaped ladies. 

For reference, I am 5'9", size 24, and wore this in a 3X.  Since the hips were my main gripe, I will also tell you that mine are 60" all the way around.

I couldn't find the dress online, but Gwynnie Bee has it in rotation.  Have you tried this dress or other items from Karen Kane?  Let me know how you like them!


  1. The only thing that's worked for me from Karen Kane are the cardigans. Everything else just makes me look like a lumpy mess. GB's insistence on carrying everything from this designer is yet another reason why I'm frustrated with them lately....

    I think this looks perfectly fine on you though...maybe it would be more comfort-zone-ish with something like this vest over it. (I have a vest like this from Old Navy...it pretty much fixes all sorts of things. I might buy this SWAK one in white, since mine is black....)

  2. Ah, that vest would be helpful indeed! I like the idea of the vest too because then the pattern from the sleeves would still be seen. The next round of stuff is a vest from Mynt 1792, so I am going to see how it looks in situations like the above. Shipping has been really slow again....I sent my other things out on the 12th and the new stuff still isn't here. That's two weeks of nothing.

  3. The Mynt vests are okay, but they weigh 800000 pounds. Probably fine in your neck of the woods, but not in mine this time of year. If it's the solid black, I think I did that one with one of my colletion of ASOS baby-doll/skater/swing dresses. I couldn't figure out wtf to do with the one with white trim, so I sent it back. I don't own a plain white t-shirt...I have long since tie-dyed all of those. I thought a black & white stripe would be okay, but then I remembered I got rid of the one that would have worked because I never wore it and finally gave up and sent the vest back.

    And fuck GB on their shipping. I sent them another shitty email today, and they've promised to upgrade one garment for 2 weeks (assuming they send anything) and SWEAR they're opening a new shipping facility blah blah. I will forward it to you. They get one more month from me and then it's going to be cancellation time, unless they seriously step up their game (even then, I'll probably have to downsize a bit, depending on where we decide to move. Our rent's going to go up, the question is by how much, and since I make more money, i'm going to have to pick up some slack there. That's okay. He does more housework. A *lot* more housework. Like most of it. I'd much rather bring home the bacon than wash the fucking pan, lol).

  4. Okay, so I tried on the vest and Sean thought it was way too "Biker Gang" for me. And it was pretty heavy which, as you stated, is fine here. It is 63 and raining today so not gonna get overheated....But I wasn't sure how to style it. However, I also had an Asos Curve body con tribal print dress and didn't like it clinging to my tummy roll, so I threw that vest over it and belted it. Super cute!

    I'll do pics on Sunday.


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