Thursday, May 22, 2014

What I Wore: Brunching in Lace - Kiyonna Sweet Leah Lace Dress, Avenue Peep Toe Flats, Lane Bryant Silver Link Necklace

To celebrate Mother's Day (and my birthday), we opted to try something new and head out to Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington for their big Mother's Day Brunch.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!!  From our table by the window, we watched kids run around outside and moms and grandmas take naps in the sun.  Sean, his mom Sharon, and I dined on mimosas, smoked salmon, eggs benedict, sausage and bacon, vegetable salads, baked fish, clam chowder, waffles, prime rib, and a selection of desserts.  It was expensive, but tasty!  After brunch, we all headed outside to sit in the sun and breath in the fresh air.  Did I mention how pretty the scenery was? - Kiyonna Sweet Leah Lace Dress, Avenue Peep Toe Flats, Lane Bryant Silver Link Necklace - Kiyonna Sweet Leah Lace Dress, Avenue Peep Toe Flats, Lane Bryant Silver Link Necklace

The lovely people at Kiyonna sent me the Sweet Leah Lace Dress, which was perfect for this outing.  I love the combination of the plum and blue together!  The lining of the dress is a rich shade of purple in a thicker, but breathable, stretchy material.  It could be worn by itself or with other accessories because it isn't attached to the beautiful blue lace shell.  One thing to note: A lot of my necklaces snagged on the lace, so smoother jewelry or shorter necklaces are ideal.  The one I am wearing snagged a little on the lace and just stayed in place.  The lace also has some stretch to it that makes this dress comfortable to wear, while still adding a bit of dressiness and texture.  After a forty-five minute car ride and stuffing my face with deliciousness, I still looked and felt incredible in this frock.  (And was kind of obsessed with swishing the full skirt around like I was dancing.) - Kiyonna Sweet Leah Lace Dress, Avenue Peep Toe Flats, Lane Bryant Silver Link Necklace - Kiyonna Sweet Leah Lace Dress, Avenue Peep Toe Flats, Lane Bryant Silver Link Necklace
Sweet Leah Lace Dress - c/o Kiyonna
Nude Peep Toe Flats - Avenue
Silver Link Necklace - Lane Bryant

A few extra photos of my mother-in-law, husband, and I: - Mother's Day Brunch at Skamania Lodge - Mother's Day Brunch at Skamania Lodge - Mother's Day Brunch at Skamania Lodge

I am still in awe of the beauty of the Northwest.  It never gets old seeing Mount Saint Helens or Mount Hood in the background. On this trail back to the parking lot, it reminded me of the Forest Moon of Endor.  The last photo was taken as we crossed the Bridge of the Gods. - Mother's Day Brunch at Skamania Lodge - Mother's Day Brunch at Skamania Lodge - Bridge of the Gods

Disclosure: I am a member of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade and they provided me with the dress in this post.  All opinions on the item are my own.


  1. That dress is amazeballs. Love it. Now I want one, and I DON'T NEED TO BE SHOPPING RIGHT NOW. I also have total scenery envy...I would love to live in the PNW. The manpanion and I have pretty much agreed that when we win the Powerball, we're going to buy a house on the Oregon coast and never ever live where it gets over 100 for 100 days in a row/has tornadoes/has ice storms.

    Sean and his mom are so cute. He looks a lot like her :) I like her dress, looks a lot like one of my summer staples. It's also great that you get along well with her.

  2. It is a pretty great dress. I love how full the skirt is. It looked a little gathered on the sides on the website, so I wasn't sure how it would fit, but I love it. I wasn't even wearing shapewear underneath. I shouldn't be shopping either. I have been to Torrid, LB, and SWAk Online in the last week. Naughty me! I need to start selling the stuff that doesn't fit anymore. Just trying to figure out the best way to do that.
    And yes, you should totally pack up and move to the OR Coast! ASAP
    Thank you about Sean and his momma. I am glad I get along with her too. She is really sweet and kind and supportive. She's the only mom I have now since my mom just wants to be a beast, so we have fun.

  3. You should send me an email with what you're selling, and how much you want for it. That will take some of it off your hands....even though I don't need to shop. I've been to SWAK twice, the first time BEFORE the sale. I'm not really that upset about it, because I got the dress I wanted (I was stalking it till they got it back in my size) (it's the tie-dye looking maxi dress with the spaghetti straps and it's so awesome in person and pretty much runs the same as their other maxi dresses. In case you wondered.) The only other things I bought were some leggings and two of the flowy camis and the shirt with black and white flowers. And then let's not talk about ASOS....I do love those swing dresses though. They have zero "shape," but they're perfectly cute with a necklace or scarf and sandals and they're not boiling ass hot and they don't require shapewear. WIN. If you get tempted, don't order the longer length, it was too long...I think it was a little longer than your heart & star dress.

  4. Yes, I think next time I order an Asos dress like that I will get the shorter length. The long seemed a bit too long. I didn't think an inch and 3/4 would make that much difference. LOL

    I had to go look up the dresses. Did you get the Quinn? Those colors are awesome! I bet it looks crazy good on you! I ended up getting the Tina Maxi in the turquoise/blue/green colors, the pink abstract Pretty Cami, and the lavender Pretty flutter sleeve top...

    When I get the photos taken of the clothing, I will let you go through it first dibs. :-) I might start with shoes since I took all those photos already. I am trying to make sure I have stuff to ship them before I put them up. Hopefully, selling stuff can be my summer project while Sean works on the yard. lol

  5. ...that's what she said...hahahah

    Yes, it is the Quinn. I also got a pair of olive leggings to go with another ASOS dress (which I might add is pink and looks like 1985 but I somehow was drawn to it anyway), pretty camis in the blue abstract and the bright coral, the Marylou shirt with flowers, and another pair of leggings in pink. I don't know what it is lately, but I'm trying to incorporate more pink in my wardrobe. I think I'm just bored with everything and branching out. Pink doesn't always work on me, but it's usually fine as an accent color.

    PS if you get the "smock" dresses from ASOS as opposed to the skater dresses, they run a little bigger. I almost could go down a size in those, but then again, here lately I've been in an "I don't want my clothes touching me" mood. Also, ASOS leggings are SO soft and awesome, but they run huge. I bought the 24 long, probably should have gone down 2 sizes, the waist pulled up to right under my boobs. They hit right at the ankle, so I'm glad I got the longer length in those. I will probably order some more of them. I never used to like leggings, either, but holy crap it's been windy here and those flippy dresses are rather prone to wardrobe malfunctions....

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love the outfit shots, the nature pics, and your family photos. Very sweet! These colors are so you. You look great in purple. The blue and purple coordinate in a really interesting way, and it's more striking to look at than just one solid color. I remember a couple of years ago praying desperately for more lace dress offerings. And now they're everywhere! This is a trend that I'm definitely loving. Almost as much as sweet and savory brunches. Yum.

    <3 Liz

  7. Ah, good tip on the ASOS leggings. I got a pair from LB I haven't even worn yet, but I might wear them tomorrow with this shorter Torrid dress I got. I have a shopping problem! lol It is windy here lately too. I hope it looks okay because I really want to wear this ding dang dress!

  8. I was never really big into lace, but have definitely changed my mind about it. I love the texture and interest it adds to clothing. And thank you! Sometimes I second guess including extra photos of family and events in clothing posts, but then I love seeing those things in other peoples' posts so I think I will include them more often. :-)


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