Thyroid Cancer Update: Some Pre-Surgery Thoughts

If you've missed my cancer updates, you can find them here and here. - Thyroid Cancer Update: Pre-Surgery Thoughts

If you have been following me on other social media, you may know I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Dec. 20th). The surgeon will remove my entire thyroid and any lymph nodes or what not that he feels need to come out.  Yes, I am super nervous!!

After my initial meeting with him on the 4th, I filmed a video of some thoughts and feelings in order to share them with you.  I have embedded the video below.  You may also find it on my YouTube channel.

In addition to the information in the video, I will add that I will be in the hospital overnight and should be able to come home Saturday morning.  My husband and I will be posting updates as much as possible in order to keep friends and family and all of you in the loop.

I look forward to posting again next week about how awesome I am doing and how kick-assy I feel! :-)


  1. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! All the best! --Tara

  2. You made so much sense throughout your whole video! Thank you for sharing it. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. I hope all goes well! I originally came to your blog because of the whole plus-sized fashion thing, but I've been reading you for a while and I'll be reading you from now on regardless of what you write about! Good luck tomorrow!!! :)

  3. You make perfect sense. I am not personally a believer in any sort of higher power, but I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping everything goes well. And if you can't have your laptop during the radioactive shit, just go to the used bookstore and stock up! (If you can have your laptop, or your iPad, see if your local library has the e-book borrowing set up. There's an app you can download to read on your computer. I mean, there's always Netflix, but I can make book recommendations should you want any.)

    Make everyone wait on you. Always say yes to more painkillers. And don't try to overtax yourself because it's a holiday or Sean's birthday. And the good news is, if you need smaller pants, after-Christmas sales are CRAZY. (Especially in late January and February. That's the 75% off time.)

    Happy thoughts. Happy drugs. HAPPY ICE CREAM when you get home!