Thyroid Cancer Update: The Endocrinologist and more!

I am a little bit behind in my updates.  I hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving!  I stuffed myself with a paleo stuffing I made, some steamed carrots and green beans, turkey, and some mashed potatoes.  It was the first time I have felt really full since this whole issue started.  It was wonderful! - Thyroid Cancer Update

By mid-November I finally had an appointment with an endocrinologist; *insert sarcastic tone* I only had to wait two whole weeks to get an appointment with her after finding out I have cancer.   Seeing the endo was more of a formality than anything because the endo was the one that had to refer me to a surgeon.

My appointment with her wasn't anything too eventful.  She has a weird personality that I couldn't quite figure out.  She told me I "am not on Death Row" and then took this long pause just staring at me like I was supposed to start dancing around or thanking her or something.  I ended up starting to cry and felt like I was a fish in a bowl as she stared at me without saying anything.  Most of the conversation with her was her telling me every piece of information I have already read on the internet.

I was also bothered that she wasn't concerned about any dietary restrictions at all.  I told her that I have been gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free, and such to kind of starve my Throat Monster.  (Gluten-free because I have Hashimoto's.) She laughed in my face.  She said she has Hashi and she eats gluten all the time.  She didn't care what I ate.  As sugar feeds cancer I think it is extremely irresponsible for her to say that.  Obviously, I am not impressed with her, but I can find a new endo a little later.

After her spiel about how I shouldn't die from this thing, she took my blood pressure and all that jazz before grilling me about my menstrual cycles and sticking her hand down my pants without a warning.  I do not like doctors.  And you probably wouldn't believe how much she charged for my appointment either!  It is crazy!

She referred me to a surgeon before dismissing me with orders to re-up my iron intake for now.  I had to wait a little over a week for the surgeon's office to call me, only to find out that they don't accept my insurance.  They had some long explanation of how they could essentially accept my insurance by doing this thing and that thing.  It was some weird explanation that just felt like they were pushing too hard to get me to see them.  I had to say no.  I don't need insurance headaches on top of all this stuff.

I did some internet searching and found a doctor that specializes in thyroid surgeries and also does plastic surgery.  I met with him yesterday (Wednesday), a whole month after finding out my diagnosis.   Both my husband and I actually feel good about this guy.  He was knowledgeable, has experience, takes pride in making sure things are done correctly (both inside my neck and how the scar will look), and he was really nice.  It is pretty cut and dry what I need to get done, so I don't feel like a second-opinion is needed.

OH, also, I had another ultrasound done of the thyroid area on Monday.  Happily, there are no suspicious lymph nodes at this time which is awesome news!  Having that information and feeling confident about the surgeon have made me *slightly* less stressed out this week.  I will still be able to do a few Christmas related fun things before surgery.

I am waiting to hear back from the surgeon's scheduler, but I am hoping for a mid-December surgery date so I can be healing well in time for Christmas.


  1. Yeah, she sounds like a total weirdo, but the surgeon sounds pretty great! Glad you stuffed yourself over Thanksgiving :)

  2. Wow. That endo sounds a little crazy. I would definitely be looking elsewhere! I'm glad you found a surgeon who sounds fantastic though! :)

  3. Endos are a strange breed. I went through three before finding mine, and so far I like him. Good thing you have one now. When I had surgery, my regular nurse practitioner that I see convinced me that she could maintain my Synthroid and labs. Now I'm facing a possible recurrence bc she wasn't running the right tests. Once you find a good Endo, keep up with your labs. Also, if your insurance covers it, be sure to opt for Thyrogen shots over forced hypo state before the radioactive iodine treatment. Expensive, but worth it. Best to you, and hope your holidays are merry!

  4. Yuck. What an experience. Nothing like having a doctor laugh in your face and make you feel like your efforts have been in vain. I swear that a good bedside manner makes such a difference in a patient's comfort and willingness to trust and be honest with their doctor.

    Everything else sounds like good news, though. While I'm sure you have your weak moments, it sounds like you're managing to keep a great attitude about all this. I do wonder about how you're doing and appreciate the update! :-)


  5. Thank you! It was pretty awesome to feel full for once. :-)

  6. Thank you! I am definitely going to seek out a better endo after surgery.

  7. I will definitely look for a new endo. My Hashi friend has been through SO MANY and she can't stand any of them, so I have to widen my search. My primary doctor is very thorough with blood work and such, although she certainly doesn't know everything there is to know about this so I suppose I need the expertise of an endo from time to time.
    After reading your experience, I talked to the surgeon about the shots vs. forced hypo. He said he only does the shots so patients can stay on medication. He doesn't like to do the forced hypo at all, so that made me feel better. I should start meds right after surgery.

    I hope your holidays are merry as well!! Take care of you!

  8. Thank you! I hate doctors in general, but so far they have been nice. She was just so odd and off-putting and the dietary thing made me mad. I look forward to finding an endo I like.

  9. Hello, Liz. Thank you! a doctor's bedside manner is extremely important and truly does make a huge difference. I really like my primary doctor and it sounds like she will be helping me with a majority of my labs and medications, so that is good. Still, I will be looking for a new endo after surgery.

    I try to keep a good attitude. My friends and chosen family have been so helpful in keeping me laughing or otherwise distracted, but I certainly have my weak moments. I cried most of Sunday and some today too. I am trying to stay busy with house chores and such. Tomorrow I have to clean the house and shave my legs (lol), pack my hospital bag, and figure out what to wear! Surgery is early on Friday.