What I Wore: Struttin' My Stuff

I've been keeping an eye on all the new stuff coming out at Torrid Online.  There are some SUPER CUTE items.  In particular, I love the style of this cardigan.  During the Buy One, Get One 50% off sale at Torrid, I decided to go with this Grey and Pink Leopard cardigan.  (They also have a red one with black hearts I want too.)

I also really wanted the Black Lace-Up Ankle Booties since I checked out Rebecca's post over at The Plus Side of Me.  It was a great deal, as the booties were already on sale as well.  And I love both the cardigan and the booties!

The cardigan is super cute, a good length, and fun pattern.  The arms are just snug enough that I can't really wear a t-shirt or other sleeved blouse without it bunching a little.  (I have rather large upper arms.)   I prefer wearing a tank underneath though so I won't get too warm.  That said, the cardigan isn't too thick or bulky, so if you get warm easily this should still work for you.

The booties are actually pretty comfortable and super cute.  They are wide width and fit my wide, size 11 feet very well.  They are easier to walk in than other heels I have tried.  The booties are a good height really - three inch heel with half-inch platform.  That works out great for me because I don't have a lot of heel-wearing experience, especially in the last five years or so.

So here is what I wore when I hung out at the local bowling alley with Mr. Diva and his workmates:

Sorry for the awkward poses.  I had issues with making my hair do what I wanted it to and we were running late for the party.

By the way, I really like my jeans too.  It is the first time I bought something other than a Bootcut style in FOREVER.  These are some straight legs from Lane Bryant.  I don't see them online anymore though.

Grey and Pink Leopard Print Cardigan - Torrid
Black Tank - Old Navy
Straight Leg Jeans - Lane Bryant
Black Lace-Up Ankle Booties - Torrid
Earrings - Torrid

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