What I Wore: Christmas Shopping Outfit

I was finally not sick and Mr. Diva was on his first day back to work after surgery.  It was less than a week before Christmas when I had a shopping day with the girls!  It was much needed.

We are usually out and about for quite a while on our shopping excursions, so comfort is very important.  But so is cute, so I wore some new stuff:

Lace-trim cami - Lane Bryant
Ruffle henley - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Avenue
Earrings - JCPenneys
Shoes - Target

I am particularly excited about my sequined Converse.  I hate how little kids get all the blinged out comfy shoes.  They should always make them for adults too! lol
I was lucky they even had these and that they fit my wide size 11 feet!

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