Pumpkin Time!

Halloween is upon us, which means carving pumpkins!  It is so exciting that there are so many pumpkin decorating ideas out there now.  You don't just have to carve a face with triangle eyes and a smile with one tooth.  You can carve television or movie characters, goofy, more intricate faces, words, monograms, or whole scenes.  You can even paint your pumpkin or get crafty and decorate it in any way imaginable.

I was looking for carving stencils today because I have two pumpkin carving parties to go to this week.  I found some great designs that I wanted to share.  I hope it helps give you fun ideas of what you can do!

And the piece de resistance:  The Death Star Pumpkin
Noel has a tutorial about how to make your own Death Star.

All picture are from Better Homes and Gardens, Noel's Pumpkin Carving Archive, and Zombie Pumpkins.

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