Off with your thumb!

I have so many blogs to write up, but it has been a very busy week or two.  I made some TERRIFIC Portobello Mushroom burgers with Mustard-Roasted Potatoes that I cannot wait to share with you all.

But guess what happened to me tonight?  Mr. Diva went to have drinks with coworkers after work.  I stayed home to work on my To Do list.  Tomorrow we have a super busy day with my niece's FIRST birthday party and then a Halloween party at some friends' house.  We are gonna have to hurry home and get into our costumes, plus I have to put makeup on another friend who is also going to the Halloween party.  It will be very fun, but I had a lot to do today to prep for tomorrow.

So I was in the middle of making Butternut Squash Soup for my niece's birthday, by request from my sister-in-law.  It was supposed to be a pretty simple thing.  I was chopping carrots and pushed them together to make a bigger pile to chop and my thumb got too far in.  I ended up chopping off a quarter inch of my thumbnail WITH SKIN.

Before I knew what happened, I just felt the pain.  Then I saw blood which FREAKS ME OUT.  I put it under the cold water and saw that a chunk was missing.  That's when I realized what happened.  I wrapped it in a paper towel and held my hand above my head while I tried to decide what to do next.  I started crying and walking around the house constantly asking myself what I should do.  When I decided I should probably call Mr. Diva, my phone started ringing.  It was him.  I told him I sliced my thumb and he came home immediately.  Thankfully he was only a few minutes away.

He looked it over and we decided it wasn't hospital worthy since there was nothing that could be sewn back on. So he cleaned it and bandaged it for me and forbid me from chopping anything else tonight.  (and frankly I don't think I can.  My thumb HURTS.)  I walked him through finishing up my veggie chopping so I could get everything in the CrockPot. (Recipe to follow in the coming days.  No thumb sacrifice required!)

So now, I just have to be careful and keep it dry and clean.  I still have to paint my toenails and fingernails, take a shower in the AM, do my hair and makeup, shave my legs, and for my costume I have to wear fake eyelashes.  Tomorrow is gonna be slow-going for me.  But I will live and there is none of me in the soup!

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