Old Navy Blues….

I find it hard to boycott Old Navy when they have cute things.  I seriously want to despise them for taking the plus-size clothes out of the stores and making it so that if I do order online, I can’t return plus-size clothes to the store; I can only mail them in.  My husband gets some of the Big and Tall stuff from Old Navy online and GUESS WHAT??  Chubby guys can return things to the store, but chubby girls CANNOT.  It INFURIATES me!!
So I haven’t bought anything from them in a long, long time.  I try to ignore them.  But when a new season starts I inevitably check out the new stuff and want some of it.  I must resist…..But if I did buy some things, these would be on my list:
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on770161-01vliv01 on770161-02vliv01
on770160-00vliv01 on770160-01vliv01
on770173-01vliv01 on770154-00vliv01
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              on770094-01vliv01 on770224-00vliv01
       on770106-00vliv01 on793054-00vliv01
      on770105-03vliv01 on809484-00vliv01
      on770162-03vliv01 on770211-00vliv01

And for my furbabies:

  on775320-03vliv01   on775320-02vliv01   on775320-05vliv01  on775320-01vliv01 

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  1. I didn't even know Old Navy HAD plus size stuff until it was only online. sigh. I do have a few of the above, the tan sweater with the leather tab on back, cute, the orange wrap sweater, again cute, and the cardi with the ruffles, but in green. I've enjoyed reading the blog, especially the outfits part. for a long time I've felt kind of frumpy and I'm enjoying reading about your outfits and how much thought you put into them, inspires me to put some more thought into my outfits like I did when I was thinner. :-)