Diva In The Kitchen: Pesto Nicoise Salad

In my quest to try new recipes this week, I made two new things last night.  The main thing was a Pesto Nicoise Salad I found in one of my Rachael Ray magazines.  I started thinking it was more of a side, so I put some chicken in the Crock Pot and smothered it with Italian Dressing.  With the chicken, I cooked it on low for about 8 to 9 hours and served it over brown rice.  It was VERY tasty, moist, and tender.  My cousin gave me this recipe.  It is something she loves to make.
Here is the Pesto Nicoise Salad:
Pesto-Nicoise-Salad_400(This recipe was also very tasty.  I wasn’t sure how all these flavors would go together, but it works.  This salad is hearty and filling and very pretty.  It could definitely be served as a main dish.  I really didn’t need the chicken also because we got so full very fast.  I will also add that Rachael’s recipes are generally designed to serve 4 people.  As a side dish, this could serve at least 8 people.  It makes a LOT.  For just my husband and I, we have a LOT of leftovers for the weekend.  I highly recommend this recipe as it was very tasty without being too heavy.  If you are unsure about the flavor combos, just try it.  It works.)
Here is my attempt:

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