Rose City Comic Con 2022

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -

This past weekend, Sean and I attended Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon!  This year was packed with amazing guests, fun panels, and many artists and vendors.  Checking out Artist Alley is always my absolute favorite part, but there was a wider variety of vendors this year too, which was cool.

All that to say, I thought I'd show you my comic con looks (just quick photos in my thirsty yard) and photo op photos with Rainn Wilson, Elijah Wood and Sean Astin, LeVar Burton, and Wilson Cruz! 

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Before we get started, I am 5'9", typically wear a 22/24, wear a 40B bra, a size 11 wide shoe, and my measurements are 52/49/58.

Day 1

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
Star Wars Endor Ewok Ringer Dress - Her Universe
Zerdocean Capri Leggings - Amazon
On Cloudflow Sneakers - Zappos

Our first day at RCCC was all about checking out vendors and artists and covering as much ground as we could handle. ⁠
For us, it ended up being 4 hours of non-stop standing, walking, and looking. I'm super proud of myself for not having a panic attack at all this time! It's kind of a big deal for me because, in the past, the claustrophobic feeling of sweating in a face mask combined with maneuvering through crowds of people made it so I had to take constant breaks to recenter myself before I started to panic.⁠
I'm also happy I opted for comfortable footwear because those concrete floors are NOT playing.⁠
Shout out to my Ewok dress by Her Universe!! I received so many compliments on it. People always loved the trees from far away and said they were delighted when they noticed the Ewoks in the print. I am wearing the dress in a plus size 4.  It is a knit dress with definite stretch, but I'm glad I sized up for a little more room.  The dress does have pockets as well but is a bit short for my preference.  The hem stops about mid-thigh for me, so I had to wear leggings underneath to feel covered and comfortable.

Finding green leggings to match was a CHORE! The ones I am wearing don't even quite match, but they are close enough.  I bought four different legging color options from We Love Colors, and every single one looked different than it did online.  They also were rougher than I wanted them to be, though the shipping was super fast.  The ones I'm wearing are actually by a brand called Zerdocean that I have talked about previously on the blog.  I wear their short leggings under dresses but opted for this capri-length, lace-hem version for my Ewok dress.  These leggings are incredibly soft and comfortable, and only $15!

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
What I Bought: (top to bottom)
Animation cells & drawings from Sardotz Gallery
Leia - Kyle Rock Art   /   Celtic Bear & Kobold Wizard - Markus Kobold   /   Wooden Ewok
Magnets - Pop Art Saints   /   Puppy Beans Chihuahua Enamel Pin - DutchDog Studio   /   Saint Claire Candle - Pop Art Saints

Day 2

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
Rosetta Overdress in Teal Peacock - Holy Clothing
Fitted Puff Sleeve Plaid Top - Old Navy
Flower Crown - Amazon
Braided Belt - Lane Bryant
Zahara Flats - Cobb Hill   /   DIY Shoe Clips

The second day was super exciting because we were meeting Rainn Wilson, Elijah Wood, and Sean Astin while dressed as Hobbits, naturally!!  I will say, I was in some major pain from all the walking on the concrete floor, so days 2 and 3 were pretty rough.  Our main goal was to make it to our photo ops on time, and we did.

I was going to go with a different top for my Hobbit look, but switched to this cotton puff-sleeve top from Old Navy for more comfort in a sweaty environment.  I've been grabbing puff-sleeve tops from Old Navy all year so that I have that look for my costumes when the time comes.  The ruched band on the sleeves is a little weird, but otherwise, the 3X is perfectly comfy and a bit more generously sized.

This is only my second item from Holy Clothing that I've actually had a chance to wear around.  (The first I have yet to get posted, but will soon!)  I opted for the Rosetta Overdress in a 4X and am really glad I did.  I'm kind of in between sizes with the brand, but the lacing on this dress lets me cinch it so that it fits pretty great without being too tight.  I want this dress in MORE colors for sure!

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
It's been really hazy from the wildfire smoke, so we get this golden glow now and again.

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
 Cotton Linen Henley (wearing the 4X)  /   Suit Vest (wearing the 4X)  /   Suspenders

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
I've been working on making a pair of Hobbit Feet out of Crocs and silicone costume feet, but I don't have any tools big enough to hold everything together while the glue dries.  I was really bummed I didn't get them made in time but decided to make quick shoe clips instead.

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
While coming out of the Rainn Wilson line, I saw Jessica (@wanderlandjess)!  I met her on Instagram and this was the first time meeting in person.  It was so fun to chat with her for a bit!

The Office is one of those comfort shows for me that makes me laugh and keeps me company when my anxiety and depression threaten to derail everything.  So meeting Rainn Wilson was something I was gleefully looking forward to!!⁠
Rainn is the 6th Office cast member I have had the opportunity to meet, though he has obviously done SO much more than just The Office and continues to bring his talents to multiple projects.  Yes, he is MUCH taller than I imagined and was so friendly and talkative with everyone.  He was intrigued by our Hobbit outfits, though I wish we had figured out a Hobbit/Office mash-up of some kind.  I mean, maybe we're the Jim and Pam of the Hobbit world!⁠
After their appearance was canceled in 2020, I was THRILLED that Elijah Wood and Sean Astin were finally here!!  They are both adorable!!! 

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -

Day 3

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -
Zip-Front Shirt Dress - Torrid   /   Strappy Tank - Torrid
Outlander Leggings - Torrid   /   ASICS Gel-Venture 6 MX Running Shoe - Amazon

Saying I was tired and sore by Day 3 is an understatement!  I opted for comfy clothes I still felt cute in but made sure I had cushioned and supportive shoes.  While this outfit doesn't look inherently nerdy, I decided the colorful dress was a Reading Rainbow nod since we were meeting LeVar Burton that day!  I'm also wearing a dragon eye necklace and my Outlander "Je Suis Prest" leggings.  I had to build something cute around the sneakers because I was in SO MUCH PAIN.

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -

LeVar Burton has a presence about him and I was in awe, which is why I think my face looks a little weird.  I got to fist bump him through the plexiglass partition though!  (My enthusiastic fist bump left the partition swinging a bit and I noticed right before the photo was taken, so maybe I was spazzing about that too.)

And Wilson Cruz!  I love him best as Rickie from My So-Called Life, which is a show that had a huge impact on my teen years.  It started my love for Claire Danes, and Ricky was one of the first gay characters I ever saw, instilling a lot of compassion for people different than me despite the way I was raised.  Wilson was a sweetheart.

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -

Rose City Comic Con 2022 - Portland, OR -

Do you go to your local comic con?  What's your favorite part?

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