KATU Afternoon Live: 5 Essential Accessories For Fall

KATU Afternoon Live: 5 Essential Accessories For Fall - DivineMrsDiva.com

Wow, y'all.  I did not realize it had been a bit since I posted.  I'm still studying for the certification program I am taking, and working on various projects that are not ready to be seen yet. I also had my annual cancer check-up, and am happy to report I am still cancer-free!

Just this Friday, I was back at Afternoon Live, and IN STUDIO!, to share ideas for accessories to keep you warm as the weather cools.  I feel like these are five essential fall accessories you can add to your wardrobe at any price point.  I brought some of my favorites to the studio to offer style options and inspire your next fabulous outfit! And a little shout-out to Weebox!! 
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- I bought the items in this post. All opinions presented are my own and without influence. This post contains affiliate links and I make a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. -
Before we get started, I am 5'9", typically wear a 22/24, wear a 40B bra, a size 11 wide shoe, and my measurements are 52/49/58.

Featured In This Segment:

KATU Afternoon Live: 5 Essential Accessories For Fall - DivineMrsDiva.com
What I Wore: Georgette Eyelet Smocked-Waist Puff-Sleeve Top - Torrid

5 Essential Accessories For Fall

  • Boots
    • My number one tip is to invest a bit more, when you can, on comfortable footwear that will make your feet happy.
    • Sign up for the email newsletters of brands you love the best so you can stay up-to-date on sales and discounts! I love checking a Rockport sale because I've been able to get $120 boots on sale for $40.
    • Favorites For Wide-Calf Boots: 
      • Torrid - Sizes 6 to 13
      • Wide-widths, wide calves, extra wide-widths, & extra wide calves
      • I found extra wide calf measurements to fit about a 25" calf.  I have a 22" calf and fit into the wide calf boots just fine.
      • Laces versus just a zipper can help personalize the fit a bit more, but also pay attention for elastic panels and adjustable buckles.
      • While I do love Torrid tall boots (and they have a lot of cute shoe styles in general), I don't find them the most comfortable to wear all day and don't always have room for orthotic inserts.  The older I get, comfort is key, which is why I suggest investing in more supportive footwear when you can.
    • Favorites For Booties: 
      • Rockport
        • Sizes 5 to 13
        • Various widths in select styles
      • Naturalizer
        • Sizes 4-12
        • Narrow & Wide widths available in select styles
      • Dankso
        • Sizes 5 to 12
        • Most styles seem a tad wider to me, and I do size up to the 12/42 in Dansko shoes
      • Torrid
        • Sizes 6 to 13
        • Wide widths, extra wide widths
      • Aetrex
        • Sizes 5 to 11
        • Some styles in wide widths
        • Orthotic insoles and arch support
        • The boots I own are not wide-width and fit well with a thin sock or tight versus a thicker sock.
        • Get $20 off your first order of $49.95 or more with my referral code!
      • Other shopping options:
        • Amazon 
          • Best when you are comparing prices on a shoe you want to purchase.  I love checking Amazon to see if they have a different color or a better sale price, particularly on brands I know already fit me well.
        • Zappos
          • Lots of brands and styles to choose from
        • Poshmark/ Thrifting
          • While thrifting doesn't always guarantee that you'll find what you are looking for, there can be some amazing finds and deals to be had!

  • Tights
    • Snag Tights
      • Sizes 2 to 34
      • Types of Tights:
        • Various levels of sheer & opaque, mock garters, fishnets, prints, sparkles, two-tone, footless, capri, etc., plus clothing & swimwear options
        • UK brand - shipping used to take a little bit, but seems to be a lot faster now
      • Rachel
        • Sizes 2 to 24/26
        • Eco-friendly tight options
        • Canadian brand
        • My favorite style: Over-The-Knee Striped Tights
        • I'm at the top end of the size range, so anyone over a size 26 will have a harder time with fit
    • Vests/Layering Pieces
      • Vests and layering pieces can help to keep you warmer, but also serve to get more mileage out of sleeveless dresses & thinner tops/dresses as the weather cools.
      • I love vests with different textures or pops of color, though a basic denim, black, olive, or navy vest will work with so many outfits.
      • Cropped vests can be a better option for dresses because of the proportions of the garments.
      • HalfTee
        • Sizes XS to 6X (I wear a 5X in their items)
        • Various sleeve and neckline styles, though larger sizes have significantly less styles to choose from

      • Featured in the video:

    • Belts
      • Belts obviously come in SO many styles, but I find them a great way to dress up a look or just make it look more finished sometimes.  They are also great for breaking up a busier pattern.
      • In relation to fall, belts can help keep an open cardigan closed and give you some more waist definition in bulkier layers.
        • Lane Bryant
          • Sizes 10/12 to 38/40
          • I get a majority of my belts from Lane Bryant because I just like the styles and fit better than other places I've tried.

    • Hats
      • Hats aren't always something I think about because I don't want to muss my hair, but sometimes you want or need a hat.
      • I enjoy finding colorful styles that fit with the colors in my wardrobe, or that have fun textures or represent something I love.
      • And while the tweed baseball cap came from a subscription box, ones like it are available across the internet.

    Would you add something else to this list?  
    Where do you love to shop for accessories like this?

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