DIY Diva: Faux Succulents Wall Decor Tutorial

DIY Diva: Faux Succulents Wall Decor - #DIY #HomeDecor #Crafts #Crafting #Succulents #Tutorial

Starting in January, I have been adhering to a daily schedule to help me utilize my time more wisely.  This means I'm getting more projects, posts, and other chores done on a more regular and consistent basis!  This also means I have carved out more time to work on craft projects and painting, which helps keep my anxiety and depression more controlled.

Today I am bringing you my first DIY tutorial video!  I have had this wall tealight holder for ages.  I love the way it looks, but I was never really getting much use out of it.  In thinking about craft projects and ways to dress it up, I had the idea of turning it into a little succulent holder instead.  I could see it in my head, ordered all my items online, and made this enchanted decor item that makes me so happy!

I was unsure how it would all turn out and how the video would be presented, but I'm glad I went ahead and did it!  I hope it helps inspire you to create more and bring more fun and color to your life! 

- I bought all the items in this post. All opinions presented are my own and without influence. This post contains affiliate links and I make a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. -

Faux Succulents Wall Decor

DIY Diva: Faux Succulents Wall Decor - #DIY #HomeDecor #Crafts #Crafting #Succulents #Tutorial

Things You Need

DIY Diva: Faux Succulents Wall Decor - #DIY #HomeDecor #Crafts #Crafting #Succulents #Tutorial

I'd love to see your finished project if you make your own!  Please feel free to comment, message me on social media, or email me!

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