Razor Comparison Review: Athena Club vs. Billie

Comparing Athena Club versus Billie in shaving products, razors, etc. - DivineMrsDiva.com

After the company I was purchasing razors from dissolved, I have been on the hunt to find a new favorite razor for shaving my legs and body.  Finding an online company usually means I can get more budget-friendly razors and, of course, limits my store visits in this pandemic.

I subscribed to both Athena Club and Billie to test out their razors and services to see what I liked best.  They both carry products geared toward womxn for shaving, cleansing, & moisturizing, while Athena also carries vitamins and period products.


In this video, I'm comparing my experience with both brands and reviewing the products I have tried from each.

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Have you tried either service?  Do you have a favorite razor brand?  
What are your main issues when choosing a razor?

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