Friday, July 18, 2014

What I Wore: Passport to Playfulness - Kiyonna Passport Peplum Top, Lane Bryant Genuis Fit Capris, Bass Margie Sandal

Color!  I love to wear it and I love it around me.  There is certainly a time and place for a more muted ensemble, but I feel most like myself in bright colors.  Right now, Kiyonna has some truly fun and colorful patterns in a variety of silhouettes.  Naturally, I am a sucker for a great peplum, so getting my hands on this top was a no-brainer. - Kiyonna Passport Peplum Top, Lane Bryant Genuis Fit Capris, Bass Margie Sandal

I wore this outfit to dinner with my husband and mother-in-law.  We headed out to one of our favorite spots: McMenamins Edgefield.  I've mentioned the Edgefield so many times before.  In a nutshell, it is a hotel, winery, brewery/distillery, golf course, restaurant/pub, and much more.  It is the location of mine and Sean's third date (among many others), as well as the the site or our engagement and wedding.  It is special to our history and just happens to be a fun place to hang out whenever we get the urge to go.

During our stroll on the grounds, we happened upon the wooded path where, on our wedding day, we met up to see each other at our dressiest.  The trees and plants have all grown so much in the last six years!  We meandered down the path, taking photos and reminiscing about seeing each other that day.  Thinking back on those sweet moments gives my tummy little flutters. - Kiyonna Passport Peplum Top, Lane Bryant Genuis Fit Capris, Bass Margie Sandal - Kiyonna Passport Peplum Top, Lane Bryant Genuis Fit Capris, Bass Margie Sandal

If you have been on the fence about buying this top, I recommend you GET IT!  The stripes are so vibrant, the sleeves are a great length (just a tad shorter than the Posh Peplum), and the keyhole and bow detail are too cute.  I also feel that the princess seams on this design, combined with the v-neckline, provide a better fit for my body.  The material has stretch, which makes it comfortable to wear.  I adore this top and feel like it will work in all seasons and for many occasions. For reference, I am wearing a size 3X on my 5'9" frame. - Kiyonna Passport Peplum Top, Lane Bryant Genuis Fit Capris, Bass Margie Sandal - Kiyonna Passport Peplum Top, Lane Bryant Genuis Fit Capris, Bass Margie Sandal
Passport Peplum Top - c/o Kiyonna
Genius Fit Skinny Capri - Lane Bryant
Margie Sandal - Bass via Amazon
Bracelets - Handmade gifts

And because I also adore my husband and his momma, here are a couple extra photos we took that day: - Kiyonna Passport Peplum Top, Lane Bryant Genuis Fit Capris, Bass Margie Sandal

Disclosure: I am a member of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade and they provided me with the top in this post.  All opinions on the item are my own.


  1. So I sat down last week on the day that I'm designating to write on other blogs, and I wrote you this thoughtful, 2-paragraph response to this post. And then my netbook overheated and died. I had a mini meltdown because I was so behind on blogging, and with my netbook crashing and knowing I'd get even more behind, I just broke down and did housework instead. So here I am today, on my trusty desktop computer, and I am going to get caught up!

    Anyways, thank you so much for sharing your pictures from the Chihuly exhibit. I was first introduced to Chihuly in an online art appreciation class that I took as an elective in college. It was one of my few art experiences in all of my schooling, and it definitely triggered in me an increased appreciation of the arts. I went on to do a lot of art integration in my English and Social Studies classes perhaps because of experiences like that online art appreciation class. So needless to say, Chihuly, as basic as my knowledge of the work is, was very influential in my life.

    These pieces are incredible, particularly the bigger than life size garden/jungle sculptures. The giant orbs are amazing, too. I love installations that feel like an immersive experience. It has a very different feel form moving from one painting to the next in a more traditional gallery. I love how the Chihuly work plays with color, scale, and texture. For glass works to kink and bristle and flutter is pretty incredible.

    I love taking in a good art exhibit. It's a favorite date night idea for me and Kyle. Looks like you and Sean had a fabulous time!

    <3 Liz

  2. I'm doing this one! I have the pictures all edited; I just need to get the post written and published. "Casual Friday" seems so simple and fun for most people. It stresses me out because I don't have a lot of casual wear anymore! Most of what I have I don't even enjoy wearing, so last night I did a giant closet purge. It left me with even fewer casual options, but at least they're ones I do wear on occasion. Like you, casual means jeans and a cute top at the very least. But at home, I'm all about nighties and lounge pants. God help me if a package is delivered. I frantically have to change into something that more closely resembles "real clothes."

    I think we have a very similar "casual style" in that I love throw-on-and-go dresses with a cardi and simple accessories. I did, however, just pick up a new pair of jeans and a batwing top from Maurice's in an effort to pick up some cute casual pieces when I don't feel like donning a dress. That'll be my outfit for this month's Sartorial Medley. I'll get everything to you early next week.

    I also wanted to note that I loved how you included your casual make-up routine by using light make-up and your nude Naked palette. I have a "casual" make-up routine, too. I always put on mascara and lip balm before I slide out the door. If I'm feeling really adventurous, I'll even out my skin tone with a light foundation and smear a bit of cheek stain on my cheeks. If my outfit is casual, my make-up and hair are just as casual!

    <3 Liz

  3. Ooooh! I'm so glad you posted this because I've been eyeing this top! Isn't it the sweetest? It's retro and whimsical and reminds me of a carnival and an old school boardwalk all rolled into one! You are wearing it so beautifully! I love that you styled it simply but have pops of coral red in your lipstick and greeny-blue in your nail polish to tie everything together. That top cuts such a great figure, and I'm glad to hear it's a stretchy knit. I've realized I'm not a woven person. I prefer knits all the way, so I definitely look at the material now when I'm shopping online. I feel like this top would be so cute with the same capris, ballet flats, and a red hair scarf tied in your hair. Adorable!

    <3 Liz

  4. Thank you! We definitely had an amazing time. I look forward to sharing more of our trip soon too. I feel SO behind in blogging myself. I'm sorry about your netbook. I know how frustrating that can be. Our shared network hard drive was on the fritz recently and had all my photos on it. It wasn't backing anything up and there was a ton of stuff I could not get to. Sean just got that up and running in the last few weeks.

    I didn't know much about Chihuly until my father-in-law started talking about him. As fascinated as I am with art of all kinds, I haven't had many opportunities to see much or learn too much on the topic. I definitely want us to get to more art museums and fun events.

    The colors and textures and techniques used in all the different work is just awe-inspiring! Being around the larger-than-life pieces is definitely much more exciting to me than just moving from painting to painting. Being able to really get close to a lot of the pieces to see the details was amazing as well.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the virtual tour of the museum!

  5. Oh, I am so happy you are participating this month!! I can't wait to see what you wear! I need to do a bigger closet purge soon. Some things need to be altered by me or a professional and some things need to be out completely. So many things are bordering on "just large enough to look too sloppy". Come fall/winter, I am going to need some new jeans for sure.

  6. OH yes! That would be such a cute way to style it! I wish I had a boardwalk or carnival for a background. That would have been perfect. :-) The colors are so bright, I just wanted it to speak for itself. It really is kind of a statement on its on without need for too many accessories. It is such an adorable top!
    I can't do too many woven things anymore, especially in tops. I don't want to have to worrying about ironing something all the time or it wrinkling bad during the time I wear it. Torrid had some super cute ruffle-topped dresses that I wanted, but they were woven material. No stretch involved. I just couldn't.

  7. So does the month run 15th to 15th? If so, I'll have some pictures for you this weekend. Regardless, I just have to say I giggled when you pointed out that you wear yoga pants and tees around the house, then dress up a bit to go out. I do the same thing, and get teased by my husband about it. I have a couple drawers full of things that I ONLY wear in the house, then I go change before I leave.

  8. haha Me too! I have house capris, house pants, house tshirts, etc. that are not okay for the public. My husband is pretty understanding about it, but my friends pick on me all the time for it. lol I just don't want to look like a raggamuffin.
    And yes, the month runs from the 15th to the 15th. I look forward to seeing your ensemble!


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