Q & A Monday

I started Q & A Monday a few weeks ago as a participant in a link-up.  Since then, there haven't been any questions posed in the link-up.  So this week, I am using a set of questions that I found from this particular link-ups early days.

1.  Favorite place you've traveled?

Maui (I was there for five days for my honeymoon in 2008.)  and Victoria, BC. (I traveled to Victoria for an NKOTB concert in 2009.)

Mr. Diva and I at a luau in Maui

2.  Where would you want to go if you could have a paid ticket and hotel?

Ireland.  I can't wait to go!

3.  If you have a trip planned, where is it to?

No trip planned as of right now.  With three senior furkids, one whom takes medication three times a day, we have to work our trips with them.  It is tough to find a hotel that allows three dogs, even if they only weight 18 pounds combined.

4. Were you an honor roll student in school?

Yes.  I was always on the A or A/B Honor Roll throughout middle school and into high school.  The first time I made a B on my Report Card was 7th grade.  I was so mad at myself, I cried for days.  When I had to move to a different state after my sophomore year of high school, I got really depressed and didn't invest as much time in the classes I despised.  For me, Chemistry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus were not happy times.

5. What was your major in college?

I didn't go to college.  My dad died right before I graduated high school and I went into a deep depression.

6. Ever go to camp?

I think I went to a Girl Scout camp once.  I have vague memories of doing activities in a wooded location, but I also wonder if that was a television show I watched as a kid.  I'm not a camper; But I do think it is a real memory because I remember being terrified of the outhouse thing.

7. Favorite TV show of all time?

My So-Called Life, Roswell, Felicity

8. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for?

Probably for being sarcastic or not doing the dishes in a timely manner.

9. What was your childhood nickname?

I had a few.  Butter Bean was a common one I grew up with.

10.What would your dream job be?

A Fashion stylist or personal shopper maybe.  I also like interior design as well.

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