What I Wore: Some Casual Looks From May

I am very much behind in my outfit posts.  I am getting caught up on photo editing and, as I do, I will share some of the outfits from the last month.  I don't usually get dressed and go anywhere during the week since I work at home.  My daily clothing is comfy ensembles a step above pajamas. LOL   And typically when I do get put together to go run errands and such, I don't get dressy.  I still look forward to sharing with you though. These two outfits are from the first week of May:

I went to get my hair done and then we had a birthday party to go to and a handful of other errands, hence the unstylish but very practical shoes.

The picture on the left was pre-hair appointment.  I clipped the small shoulder pads out of the blazer.  The material is thin, so it isn't too warm, which I love. Pardon the parking lot background.

It got a little bit chilly later in the day, so I added a scarf.

Jeans - Avenue
Sequin Tank - Lane Bryant
Blazer - Fashion Bug (Mine is the Pebble Jacket, which was a slightly cheaper and non-sateen version of the Sateen Blazer that is still online)
Bracelet - Avenue
Scarf - Catherine's

Outfit #2 was worn on a trip to the Pet and Companion Fair.  I needed an outfit that was okay getting dog hair all over it.

Had to sport my chihuahua pins for the day :-)  And tennis shoes were a must, of course.

Jeans - Avenue
Supima Tee - Lane Bryant
Jacket - Catherine's
Necklace - Lane Bryant

My furson, Rusty and I
He was such a good boy.  And he got lots of compliments.
All the excitement pooped him out though!

Miss P was thrilled to get a Lil Devil shirt from our adventure.

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