30 Day Music Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - Music That Reminds You of Someone

This song reminds me of a moment back in, hmmmmm....middle school or early high school.  It was an embarrassing moment for my friend, so I won't tell you WHO it reminds me of exactly.  We were sitting with our other mutual friend in the mutual friend's dad's car in an Auto Zone parking lot.  Our friend's dad had picked us up from school and ran into the store to get some things.  We sat outside chatting.

My friend sees someone coming through the parking lot and says, "Oooh, he's kinda hot."  As this guy got closer to our car, we realized it was a girl.  We all cracked up and when I hear this song, it still reminds me of that. 

"You and me 
We come from different worlds 
You like to laugh at me 
When I look at other girls..."

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