It's The Little Things....

I had a great morning shopping and lunching with my mother-in-law today.  We went to World Market, Kohl's, and Panera Bread, where Mr. Diva was able to meet up with us.  I wanted to share some of my purchases and the happy news that some of the clothes at Kohl's actually FIT ME!  I was ecstatic!  It really is the little things that can brighten one's day.  :-)  I've always had trouble with the sizing at Kohl's.  I have at least one other top from Kohls - my sequined cardigan.  I didn't think any of the tops I liked were going to fit, but I was wrong.
ELLE Floral Babydoll Tank

This is the top I ended up purchasing.  It fit great and was so cute!  I also love the purple/grey/yellow color combo.

ELLE Floral Empire Top
 I also tried on another top and dress.  They both fit well, but the body of the top was a little bit more form fitting than I was comfortable with.  The top of the shirt fit me well in the chest.  I LOVE the criss-cross, v-neck style!  The sleeves were fluttery sleeves which were comfortable and flattering.  I also loved the shirred neck detail.  The top I tried on was a light lavender color, but they only have a patterned one online for me to show you.
Sonoma life + style Floral Empire Dress
The dress was cute and comfy, but I wasn't crazy about the pattern.  It didn't look bad, it just isn't me.  They didn't have a solid color option, so I didn't get it.

And I just wanted to add that I was rockin' my cute turquoise Nynree sandals from Avenue today.  They are so cute and comfy!

I wish all of you a happy day!  If you find some awesome deals, let me know!!

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