Snuggle With Your Snoogle

 I've had shoulder and neck issues for a while.  Even after purchasing a new mattress, they still didn't really go away.  One of my friends suggested I try the Snoogle pillow.  It is a "C" shaped pillow primarily for pregnant women to support the back and belly during pregnancy.  It can also be moved into six or eight different positions for various lounging.

Target has the Snoogle for $55, which is where I bought mine. It really has helped me!  I usually sleep with it as pictured above, but sometimes I sleep on my other side as well.  This pillow supports my neck well, goes between my knees to keep my spine aligned, and helps support my back.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone with neck and back issues.

My only complaint is that the cover that comes with the pillow is difficult to get on and off.  Seeing as how it is made mainly for pregnant women and new mommies who would need to wash this a lot, I don't understand why they made the cover so freaking annoying! has a few different Snoogle covers with a zipper that would make it a LOT easier to launder when needed.  They cost around $30 though so I am thinking of making my own.

Do you have a Snoogle?  Has it helped your neck/shoulder/back issues?  I'd love to hear from you!

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