What I Wore: Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail....Saturday

I hope everyone had a beautiful and fun Easter weekend!  We had a busy one planned, especially Saturday.  We've had such rainy, cold, and gloomy weather here in the PNW.  Imagine my happiness when the SUN actually decided to make a much needed entrance on Saturday!!  It was a terrifically gorgeous 70-ish degrees and perfect for our outside plans that day.

My oldest fuzzy sun, Rusty, enjoyed an early morning sunbath.
Then my pasty legs got to see the light of day! lol  I ended up putting this outfit together around the necklace.  I knew I wanted to wear the purple shirt since it was new and hadn't been worn yet.  I bought the colorful necklace at the same time and was able to pull the turquoise from it with my tank.  I love the colors together and it was very comfy and cool.

Purple Roll Tab Shirt - Fashion Bug
Turquoise tank - Lane Bryant
Roll Cuff Capris - Lane Bryant
Necklace - Fashion Bug
Flip Flops - Old Navy

Mr. Diva and I enjoying the sun :-D

We headed out to see a few innings of my nephew's tee ball game.  He looked so cute in his uniform.  I can't wait to catch some more of his games.
In left field
Getting ready to bat

Waiting on first base!
Going for a ball on second base
My niece was all over the place.
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My fuzzy nephew Peppy

After a fun afternoon with family where we ate some yummy food and visited for a bit (and played Bingo.  I won a prize!!  A Disney planter with a pansy in it), we headed to my brother and sister-in-law's house for dinner.  We brought over some plastic Easter eggs filled with candy to hide for the kids.
I think he was already working on some bubblegum.
She looked so cute in her lil dress.

The neighbor's dog helped her find an egg.

After dinner and playing some Wii, the kids passed out.  Mr. Diva and I still had to hit up the grocery store, go home and put groceries away, and make a carrot cake for Easter.  We finally got to bed about 3 AM.

It was a very fun day though!

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