As you may or may not know, I LOVE me some boybands.  The Top 3 for me are NKOTB, Westlife, and BSB - in that order.

When I was a wee New Kids fan, I never got to attend any concerts.  I was 9 and 10-years-old at the height of their fame, so my mom felt I was too young to go to a concert and could care less about accompanying me to a show.  When NKOTB broke up in 1994, I was devastated.  And eventually I accepted my fate as one of the many fans who never got to see them live.

Flash forward to 2008:
The New Kids were freshly reunited and I was ECSTATIC!  I was OVER THE MOON.  When they announced tour dates, I was devastated though.  The days that they were going to be in my neck of the woods were dates I was going to be in Hawaii on my honeymoon.  We'd already booked our plane tickets and everything.  I was so upset and I cried and cried.  Mr. Diva (we weren't even married yet) was the sweetest and he knew how much it meant to me to see NKOTB in the flesh.  So he immediately pushed back our honeymoon by a week so I could go to the concerts.
Tickets went on sale the week of our wedding, so I was busily trying to juggle all that.  It was a stressful time.  Thankfully, I was able to get tickets and Mr. Diva even got me a Meet and Greet pass as a wedding gift.  (Later, my Meet and Greet show was canceled due to a live television performance on the same day....but I got to Meet them the following year)  I was able to go to 4 New Kids concerts during the reunion shows.  And I won tickets to a special screening of the New Kids "Coming Home" DVD in Seattle as well.

I have also been to many BSB shows and consider myself a fan of theirs too...but NKOTB will always be the greatest in my eyes.

Well, Today a new Summer 2011 tour was announced.  Can you guess what it is?
Yes indeed!  All NINE dudes will be on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show on Monday, November 8th to discuss this news.  I can only hope things won't be as stressful...*fingers crossed*

Also, don't miss BSB (with Kevin) on Oprah this Thursday (11/4), NKOTB performing with BSB on the American Music Awards on November 21st, and Westlife's album preview on Amazon.

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