Shopping at Avenue

I'm not sure how many people read my blog yet; and I don't know how many of you are chubby girls.  But for all my Plus-Size hotties out there, I thought I would post something about the Avenue.  If you haven't yet been to Avenue, I would suggest you pop in and look around.

I've always been an avid shopper of Lane Bryant, but lately I have found that a lot of the styles they are offering are not styles that would look good on me and not in fabrics that would flatter my figure.  Plus, LB has always been on the pricier side.  Sometimes the clearance is AWESOME and sometimes it just plain sucks.  When one uses the Gift Cheque at Lane Bryant one can get some great deals.  Typically though, I find that it is just over-priced. (LB is still the only place I can get bras and underwear that I like though.)

Avenue has some GREAT sales and offers some really cute options in dressy and casual.  The prices are way better and lately I have found a lot cuter items at Avenue than at Lane Bryant.  Avenue also offers jewelry that is similar to but better priced than Lane Bryant's collection of accessories.  Also, Avenue has shoes in larger sizes, wide widths, and wide calves.  I haven't bought shoes at Avenue yet, but I intend to.

Some of the things Avenue offers are made cheaper when compared to Lane Bryant.  I tried a pair of Avenue panties that were on sale and I hated them.  They were very cheaply made and not soft at all.  It can be hit or miss depending on your tastes, but I really recommend trying some things on.

This weekend, I hit up the Winter Essentials sale.  The Divine Denim bootcut jeans were on sale for $20 (regular $31.90).  I tried on the "Average" length, but it was a bit too long for me when I am wearing flats.  After trying on the "Petite" length, I purchased those so I can wear cute flats with my jeans!

I also purchased a purple Thermal Henley that was 50%.  It is comfy and thin enough of a material so I don't get too warm.  They have LOTS of colors.  The sale for both of these items was supposed to end yesterday, but it looks like they are still on sale online.  Go take a look!

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