Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I Wore: Secretary Realness - Spruce and Sage via Gwynnie Bee Fancy Dot Printed Bow Tie Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Pencil Skirt, Avenue Cardigan and Heels

I've been sidetracked this week by planning an upcoming vacation.  Once we buy the plane tickets and make hotel reservations, I go into full-on planning mode.  Having not been on vacation in six years before June's anniversary trip, I am quite excited about figuring out all the fun activities to participate in once we are at our destination.  Being prepared, knowing what is going to happen, and having an itinerary make me happy and alleviate some of my anxiety.  My vacation Pinterest board is getting filled up fast! - Spruce and Sage via Gwynnie Bee Fancy Dot Printed Bow Tie Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Pencil Skirt, Avenue Cardigan and Heels

This top arrived via Gwynnie Bee as my first foray into Spruce and Sage.  I love the bright blue-purple hue of the top, along with the fun polka dot print.  I'm always a little iffy about what I refer to as the "Colonel Sanders tie".  I think it looks just fine in the photos, but it felt a little awkward in person because I am not used to it.  Also, I generally find the V-neck aesthetic more appealing on myself, so that takes some getting used to as well. - Spruce and Sage via Gwynnie Bee Fancy Dot Printed Bow Tie Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Pencil Skirt, Avenue Cardigan and Heels

The fit was a little tricky for me.  The hips were tight, not allowing me to button the bottom button. (I received this in a 24.)  The armholes are really big, similar to the BB Dakota and Prototype items I have tried.  Therfore, I went for a more covered up, conservative look with this piece.  Thankfully, I have a pencil skirt in the same blue-purple shade as the top, which worked well for the look I was going for.

Below, you can see my nude cami from the big armhole.  My darling Kiki did not want to miss out on this photo shoot for some reason.  lol - Spruce and Sage via Gwynnie Bee Fancy Dot Printed Bow Tie Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Pencil Skirt, Avenue Cardigan and Heels

Though the top was lacking for me to give it a full thumbs up, I do think it worked well for this particular look.  I haven't had a typical office job for a long time, but I really wish I had clothes like this when I did.  I think I would have had way more confidence in my abilities had I been able to dress the part more stylishly. - Spruce and Sage via Gwynnie Bee Fancy Dot Printed Bow Tie Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Pencil Skirt, Avenue Cardigan and Heels
Fancy Dot Printed Bow Tie Top - Spruce and Sage via Gwynnie Bee
Purple Ponte Pencil Skirt - Lane Bryant (Similar here and here)
Cardigan - Avenue
Heels - Avenue

Have you tried Spruce and Sage?  Let me know your thoughts below!


  1. I've had good luck (mostly) with the knits from ASOS, but not the wovens. There's a GORGEOUS "grunge" dress on there that the part of my brain that still believes I'm 22 wants VERY VERY BADLY, but I'm afraid of the fit. I love their swing dresses. The skaters are hit & miss...I bought a solid-color one that's a little odd. The waist is lower than on the others I've bought. I just slapped a denim vest over it and called it good.
    The only knit I tried that didn't work was a maxi dress. It was cling central. They're good about returns though....ship it back, account credited. Also, I love their leggings. Order down at least a size and maybe 2. They're super soft.

    PS-sorry for being a commenting slacker lately. I read, I swear, I've just been busy! :)

  2. I did see some leggings I wanted from there recently. I also want the plaid green and blue ones from Domino Dollhouse and the pink and black leggings from Torrid. lol I want to live in leggings, tunics, and knee high boots come fall/winter. lol

  3. I live in basically that now, with sandals. At the urging of a co-worker, I discovered I'm officially a hippie. I have, however, stopped wearing my flip-flops to work. Mostly. Lol. I bought some of the SWAK cotton leggings when they were on sale for like $4...they're a little small in the butt but they stretch. I would love the Domino Dollhouse ones or the plaid ones from ASOS, but I'm afraid I'd do the whole morning "eh, those require THINKING. Guess I'll wear the black ones." I do have quite a few pairs of colored tights, though, including some tie-dye ones. Thank god no one at my office gives a shit.

  4. I just felt a pang of longing for this dress, simultaneously mixed with jealousy that you are wearing it and I am not. lol I love this! The wrap styling. The print. And, oh my gosh, the color scheme! This is like an autumn dream. So, so lovely. Too bad about the fit!

    The picture with your bra shocked me! And I started cracking up! It reminds me of that scene in 40-Year Old Virgin where he's speed dating and the woman's breasts slowly but surely creep out of her ill-fitting top. Ahhh, too funny.

    So I guess I'm not as devastated now that I don't own this dress. I still want to check into it though...just in case...

    I've only ever ordered two skirts from ASOS Curve. The first I ordered in an 18 and was too big. I have to cinch it with a belt every time I wear it. The second I ordered in a 16, and it's a bit snug, though I suppose it's better than the 18 which just swims around my hips. This is exactly why I'm so hesitant to order from online retailers, especially for the first time. Fit is such an issue, and if a place has inconsistent sizing, it makes it all the more worse.

    <3 Liz

  5. I would definitely agree that ASOS has inconsistent sizing. I think the handful of things that I have actually ordered directly from them all fit a bit different. It is quite frustrating. I love so many of their pieces, but I am very hesitant about ordering. I usually Google the name of the product and see if I can see it on anyone my size.

    If you can get yours hands on this dress in your size, I would go for it. The sizing issue was the problem for me. It isn't stretchy so it wrinkles a bit easier, BUT if it fits you correctly the stretch shouldn't be an issue. The pattern and colors were great in person - way better than they look in the photo. I really wanted it to work.

    I am glad the bra picture made you laugh. I was in a super silly mood and Sean caught that on camera. Then I thought it was good to show how big the top was. lol


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