Friday, November 8, 2013

What I Wore: All-Over Floral

Hello again!  Sorry for the sporadic posts.  I'll fill you all in when I get a chance, but for now - more clothes!! - Versailles Dress from Igigi, Gwynnie Bee

I've never been a fan of floral patterns, especially all-over florals.  As a chubby pre-teen, the only dresses in my size at Sears were very matronly florals with large doily collars.  Maybe you can relate.  Since those years, I have had an aversion to the more flowery prints. - Versailles Dress from Igigi, Gwynnie Bee - Versailles Dress from Igigi, Gwynnie Bee

Deciding to step out of that comfort zone, I tried this Igigi dress through Gwynnie Bee.  When it came in the mail, I was a little wary of the pattern.  It fit really well though, and I added the belt to break up the pattern a bit.  I like it so much better with the belt.  And then, just to tone it down a touch more, I added a long black cardigan. - Versailles Dress from Igigi, Gwynnie Bee - Versailles Dress from Igigi, Gwynnie Bee

Overall, I really love this dress.  I did size up to a 30/32 because I have had fit issues with different styles from Igigi.  The sleeves have the cute little tie that helps you sinch it in to your desired comfort.  I love that feature since my upper arms are quite large. - Versailles Dress from Igigi, Gwynnie Bee - Versailles Dress from Igigi, Gwynnie Bee
Versailles Dress - Igigi via Gwynnie Bee
Wide Belt, Cardigan - Lane Bryant
Leggings - Fashion Bug
Boots - Avenue (Similar)
Necklace - Betsey Johnson

Have a great weekend!!


  1. That's a great dress on you. It's very flattering. Good job!

  2. I like the way you styled this one. I had this in the summer, and it was too hot for all that cardigan nonsense...maybe I should recloset for winter. I liked the sleeves on this one too, because yeah. Those non-adjustable stupid banded puffy sleeves make me stabby.

  3. I love mine
    Honestly gorgeous
    I kept it plain
    And wore red shoes and had a busy fascinator
    But it's gorgeous

  4. I love how you balanced the bold red floral print with the black accessories. I agree that florals often look old and stuffy or super tacky, but I also loved this print from IGIGI. The print looks like a watercolor painting, but the red keeps it bold enough that it's not boring.

    I'm putting a subscription to Gwynnie Bee on my Christmas list. I tried the free trial last winter, but I couldn't justify paying for it and not necessarily getting my top pieces in a timely fashion. But they've grown so much and there are so many pieces I'd love to try now, that if Santa treats me to a subscription, I'll be a happy girl!

  5. Yes, banded puffy sleeves are "DA DEBIL"! Channeling my inner Mrs. Boucher for a The dress was a bit thicker too, so I imagine it was terrible for a super hot summer option. As a winter dress, much better. Let me know if you try it again :-)

  6. Awesome! Let me know if Santa pulls through!
    I agree about the print. It does have a more watercolor look, while staying bold and fun. Much, much better than a sad, muted print. It has definitely made me want to try more patterns and florals now. :-)


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