Dogs In Hats!!

I LOVE Etsy!  Seriously, you can find almost anything you want there, even things you didn't know you wanted. lol  There are so many great handmade goods on Etsy.  Personally, I could spend hours just browsing through everything.

I can't say that my dogs are huge hat fans, but when I found crocheted doggy hats I knew I had to get some.  The Littles will be wearing these hats for this year's funny Christmas card picture.

Shaggy Chic has some really cute things!  I hope you check them out! They are also on Facebook!

Kiki in his Patriotic Hat

Rusty in his Sock Monkey Hat

Miss P in a lovely Purple Flower Hat

And Miss P in an Aqua version!

These hats are so cute and well-made!  It looks like the seller is on vacation until September 13th, but please check out the Facebook page until then to see all the cute hats!!


  1. Olivia O'Bryon MackeyOctober 11, 2012 at 7:38 PM

    Just found you through Ashley's link-up over at Domestic Fashionista-- our pups look like they could be related: (Had to share!) Is yours a pure pom? Ours is a pom/papillon mix, such a love!

  2. Aw, what a precious baby you have! So adorable!
    My boys are long-haired chihuahuas actually. Their fur texture is really fuzzy though, so they always get mistaken for poms. My mom has a papillon, so I have loved on many papillon/chihuahua mix babies. They are all so sweet and cute!