Diva On A Budget: JMS Knit Ruffle Print Dress

I've been wanting to purchase one of the cute Just My Size knit dresses for a few months now.  My local Wal-Mart hasn't been carrying much of the cute stuff lately, so I was pretty bummed out.  I was in there this past weekend to prepare for my road trip and swung by the clothes section to see what they had.

Happily, I saw that they had a few cute Just My Size dresses in my size and I tried them on.  I ended up purchasing the Knit Ruffle Print Dress in Blue.  It is really comfortable and super cute.  The length is perfect for my 5'9" frame (just below the knee).  AND it was only $18!!  It also comes in a berry-colored version of this pattern, a solid berry, and solid black.

I'll update this post with me in the dress when I have my hair and makeup done. lol

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