Diva On A Budget: Flexitol Heel Balm Review

I needed to write up a quick review of this product for you because, so far, I think it is amazing.  I have tried so many different foot creams because I often have dry heels.  I can never find a decent place to get a pedicure and I hate shelling out the money to get one, so I usually take care of my feet myself.

I have been feeling self-conscious about my dry heels lately and my tea tree oil foot lotion wasn't cutting it.  On a recent trip to the store, I stopped at the foot care section to look at a few products.  After reading several boxes, I purchased Flexitol Heel Balm and hoped it would work.  It was about $6 or $7 for a 4oz tube, but I needed to try something new.

I got home today from 4th of July festivities and decided to crack open my brand-new box of Flexitol to try on my tired, dry feet.  I put it on my heels and around and below my toes to moisturize them a bit.

This stuff feels good.  It's a thick, creamy lotion that doesn't feel too heavy or greasy.  It doesn't take too long to work it into the skin.  The lotion smells good too.  I was thinking of lavender or chamomile or something when I was using it. It's a nice, fresh, soothing smell.  I even used some to massage Mr. Diva's feet.  He was concerned it might smell like "old people", but he was pleasantly surprised that it does not. lol

Most lotions that I have used on my feet do not keep my skin moisturized for very long after it is applied.  This stuff does though.  I felt my feet six hours later and they were smooth and soft to the touch.  I am so amazed!  I really am.  I will continue using this product for SURE.

If you have dry feet issues, please try this product.  I think you will be extremely satisfied with it.

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