Diva On A Budget: Torrid Flats

As much as I love a good deal and usually wait for the Torrid 50% off all clearance sale, I didn't want a repeat of last week.  Last week I noticed that a super cute pair of purple, ruffle-trimmed flats went on clearance for $20.  They had my size and everything, but I was stubborn and thought I would wait until the next Torrid Clearance sale to get them.  Well, guess what?  Two days later, those shoes were OUT of my size.  (Size 11, FYI)  So when I saw these cute flats IN MY SIZE on CLEARANCE, I didn't hesitate to purchase them.

I really love Torrid flats because they are wide and fit me really well.  I have a pair of metallic flats and a glittery bronze pair from Torrid as well.  Check out the Clearance and see if there is anything you need!


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