Valancing Act

Apparently only cutesy baby rooms and country grandma kitchens need valances these days.  That is not acceptable because I need a valance that doesn't fit into either category.

At our new place, my bathroom has a small frosted window.  While no one can really see in, I still don't feel comfortable without a curtain there.  It just bothers me, especially at night.  So I need a 15" to 18" long curtain to use on the bottom half of the window because I still want the light coming in.  

My bathroom decor is champagne, ivory, and light pink colors with black accents - kind of Paris glamour.  (HERE is a picture of part of the set.  It is rare, it seems, so I couldn't find a better picture at the moment.) I have looked EVERYWHERE for a coordinating color of valance that isn't too expensive and have only two contenders to show for it.

 The Circo Ruffle Valance                       

and the Tadpoles Tulle Valance 

*sigh*  I don't know what to do about it still....Any ideas?

Here are two pillows that match my bathroom decor for reference:

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