I've got The Right Stuff!

Sorry for my lack of posting lately.  I am trying my hardest to organize at least a decade's worth of saved documents and photos and videos and music on my hard drive.  My husband bought a home server for us to use to store media files and such.  It has been quite the ordeal to get things moved around.

As you may or may not be aware, I am a HUGE New Kids On The Block fan.  I've loved them since 1988/1989 and have never stopped.  I was never allowed to go to a concert as a child, so since their reunion in 2008 I have tried to do as many NKOTB things as monetarily possible.

The New Kids new DVD "Coming Home" was released on February 2nd.  Prior to the release, Eventful.com held a contest for fans to vote for their city in an effort to get the NKOTB to come out and hold a screening of the new DVD.

Seattle, Washington was one of the winning cities!  Before I even had a chance to think about it, I sent in my email information to try to be one of the chosen fans to get to go.  I won a ticket, along with 350 to 400, other fans, for the screening on January 28th.  It all happened pretty fast.  We were the first of three fan screenings and the first to see the DVD.  I highly recommend you purchase one if you have yet to do so.  Amazon has it on sale for $9.99.

Anyway, I had no idea any of this would make it to television.  I usually hide from the cameras at events...This time though, I made it to a clip on E! News.  I'm the big girl in the turquoise jacket at 0:51!

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