Introducing the Hailey Hates Everything Podcast

Introducing the Hailey Hates Everything Podcast -

It's official!!  Our podcast, Hailey Hates Everything, is out in the world!  It's been an idea for quite a while, and we are finally making it happen.  We have an introduction episode up to tell you a little bit about ourselves and let you know how the podcast will go!

What's the podcast about?  In a nutshell, Sean picks a surprise topic based on something that annoys me.  I get high and we both discuss our opinions on said topic, with lots of laughing, stories, and tangents thrown in for good measure!

The podcast is currently available on Anchor, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, RadioPublic, and Stitcher.  It should soon be available on Apple Podcasts, Castbox, and Overcast.

There is also a little gadget in the sidebar here, under the Meet Hailey graphic, with the latest upload available for listening.

(And just an FYI - I do use expletives from time to time and marijuana use is involved, so if you detest those things this may not be the podcast for you.) 😏

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