Review: Black Box Wine

I joined the website called BzzAgent after a friend pointed me to it.  Bzz Agent is a social marketing company.  They work with companies to share their products and get feedback on those products.  My first "campaign" experience was taste testing Black Box Wines.  I was asked to throw a taste testing party to get feedback on the product.  I received a rebate for a box or two of wine, $5 off coupons for everyone, magnets from the brand, tasting information, and some plastic wine glasses to use at the party.

I wanted to share my review of the wine for all of you.

I have always been very skeptical of boxed wines.  I've tried boxed reds in the past and was always turned off by the dryness of them.

I was apprehensive about trying Black Box wines, but I wanted to go ahead and give it a whirl.  I really enjoyed the Reisling.  It was nice and light without being overly sweet.  I think it is a great option for people who aren't into wine that much or who are just getting started or prefer white wines.

The red was okay, better than I had anticipated.  It wasn't quite as dry, but after the first few sips it tasted kind of like watered-down grape juice.  By that I mean there was no depth of flavor to me.  I would have liked to taste more notes throughout.

Considering the amount of wine you get for the price, I still think Black Box wine is a great value.  I'd buy it again, especially for parties or making sangrias and the like.

For more information on Black Box Wines, you can checkout their Facebook page.  If you'd like to become a Bzz Agent, check out the website.

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